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Friday, November 18, 2011

Torment(Fallen #2) by Lauren Kate book review

Torment is the second installment of Lauren Kate's Fallen and in this one it immediately picks up after the huge battle at Sword & Cross Academy where the good fallen angels(Danielle,Arraine&Gabe)(even though I didn't think there was such thing as a good fallen because if they were good then they wouldn't have fallen at all!) fought with the bad fallen angels(Cam,Rolland & Molly). So after this battle Danielle decides that it's not safe for Luce(the main character) to stay at Sword & Cross so he(without explaining anything to her) moves her to a new school, Shoreline Academy and then that where like 95% of the story takes place. Okay I did understand the whole need to keep Luce safe from whatever is after her and the same thing that is why her and D can't be together but I had a real life problem with this book because the way this story reads you as the reader could interpret D & L's relationship as a abusive teenage relationship! And I don't see myself as one of those people who takes fictional stories way too serious but come on look at some of the facts he isolated her from friends & family, he tells her she can't leave the place where he's placed her, he monitors her life from a distance most of the time and when dose come around it's only to give her just enough of his time to satisfy her romantic needs and even worse he dose like I've stated before tell her why she's moved to a new school he just gives her one of those "do as I say without a pep" kind of talks. He doesn't hit her ...well he dose actually grab her a lot in fits of anger but like I was saying it dose sound like a abusive relationship. Luce actually fits the profile of an abused girl. Stupid, love-sick and desperate. She's also self absorbed but that quality has nothing to do with abuse I just thought I should mention it.  Okay now that I've gone on and on about some underlining things that people with teenage daughters might be concerned about onto  the actual story and what I think of it.  The story itself is confusing and frustrating with the lack of information that D gives to L which in turn gives  to us the reader. Throughout the story random characters from the first book(Cam,Arraine,Molly &Gabe) just seem to pop up without much explanation as to why are they there. There is constantly things going with L's new friends but she's too love-sick and self absorbed to see any of it. D is constantly giving L orders that he doesn't explains and L constantly disobeys them and then as we who have read the first one know that for whatever reason L keeps being reincarnated every 17 years and comes back with no memory of her past lives in this installment she has a way to access these past memories but at one point makes her drive her from California to Las Vegas to confront some people that she seen in a past memory but doesn't actually go through with it. Really?! Luce actually meets a guy that would be perfect for her, he likes her and she even likes him and if with him wouldn't have to hide from the world or be isolated from friends and family or be told stay put in a place with no explanation why but she still pulls toward D(which I find abusive). Really?!  And so much time was spent on L trying to go through the past to unstand her future(with Danielle) and disobeying his abusive orders that the ending was just slapped together with Luce deciding after everything was said and done ,after all she went through to be with D and after all her bitching about being with him that she's tired of it all and goes away . Really?! So to sum it all up  if you would like to read a story where the main character is  stupid,desperate,love-sick & self absorbed and is in what looks like the beginning of a abusive relationship with a guy that doesn't respect her as an adult enough to explain things to her before he demands that she dose it and then at the end a crapping five minute ending is tacked on then please pick Torment by Lauren Kate. Personal rating I give the setting/ the way the scenery was described a 6, characters(except for the main character because I feel like she deserves a 1) a 4, plot a 2(only because it did keep me wondering where the hell was Kate going with this) and the overall experience a 5(only because this is going to give me something to bitch about for a long time!) : (

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seers of Light (#1) Jennifer DeLucy book review

What did I think about this book? Hmm.... to be honest I don't what I think of this book because I have mixed feelings on it.  Um let's start with the MC(main character) Lily. I found her both frustrating and refreshing all at the same time. Refreshing because she was a lot older than any of the other characters that I normally read about which means that I was shocked by the language that she uses or the things that she dose through out the story.  Frustrating because there was times when she should had been jumping in to do something but didn't!  Her as a person was pretty good, I loved her sarcasm through out the book, very um.... quick, funny and entertaining.  As for the rest of the characters I did not find them that interesting, well besides William & Christian and that was only because they were in a some what love triangle with Lily our MC. Hmm.. let's see the actual story line was only interesting in the very beginning when L(Lilly) was seeing things that she couldn't explain and when she was having the whole things pop out of her TV thing happen to her after those brief moments in the book I found myself getting bored! And I love these kinds of books so for me to get bored that means well.. that the book fell flat after the first couple of chapters. As a matter of fact I'm not sure if I should write this review because I can't even remember what the h*ll happened in some of the chapters!  I gave this book 3 stars because I liked the general idea. Meaning to say that I liked what De Lucy was trying to do but I do not like the way in which she did it! Hmm what else...Hmm well since I am racking my brain trying to come up with anything interesting to report I guess I could...oh wait here's something. The vampires in this book are by far the lamest vampires I have ever come a cross in any vampire related book! They weren't strong or if they were from the way De Lucy wrote it I couldn't tell. They were cowards! And when have you ever heard of a vampire stabbing someone in the back with a knife?! Come on they're vampires they don't need regular weapons! OK now that I have gotten that out of my system its time for my personal ratings!!!! *whoo, yeah* *clapping my hands right now*
As for the characters I give them a 3 out of 10 stars * frowning*. Why because they were just not that interesting and any interest that they had was lost in the first part of the book. Setting/scenery a 6 because De Lucy did a good job of describing things for you(the reader)* giving the thumbs up sign* The plot a 4 because even though it was boringly carried out it was still different for me and I appreciate when an author is trying to be different* giving the head banger sign right now*. And finally the overall experience  a ... 4 because while it was different I ran on and on and on and had me wondering what h*ll did I just read and why did I pick this book to read so late at night.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wicked Woods(#1) by Kailin Gow book review

 Wow This was a really good book even though I didn't expect it to be(given that until this book cover caught my eye I was completely unaware of Kailin Gow's work) *stupid me I know* but this was a very good read and I actually found  most of the characters very refreshing! Especially the MC(main character). The-whole-she-was-the-queen-bee-at-her-school- thing and now she's just mellow thing was a surprise that showed how 2 dimensional she is as character. And what a name! Briony. Doesn't that just rolls off of the tongue! And wow how creepy was the name of the town. Wicked Woods ,MA . Gow just knew what she was doing by picking that town, so creepy that before the story even began or before you even read any review or pieces of the story that you just knew something creepy was going to be going on here. Hmm... the two supporting friends Maisey and Steve could have kept me more entertained though and Claire and Tracey was a bit flat, Pepper who has a name like that? But those are all minor details that since those characters didn't make to much of an appearance in the story didn't really seem to bother me that much.
They made you wonder but not too.  Come to think of it Gow could have done more with the characters of Kevin and Fallon and when I found out that F was a vampire I thought this was going to turn into a Twilight sort of thing but just with a younger version of Bella that is a slayer which would had been a-ok in my book!  Hmm what else should I mention? *thinking* O h yes I love how Gow left the ending all good cliff hangerish. And I say good cliff hanger because I have read some books that left you with bad cliff hangers that made you want to go find the author and punch them in the face. *getting mad just thinking about it*.
Now since I liked this book so much and possibly can't think of anything else to ramble about then here it comes my personal rating system! *yea!* *throwing confetti right now*  For the characters I'm going to give a 6 out of 10 , why? Because even though the side characters weren't that interesting Gow focused her attention on the main characters(ones that made more than maybe a sometime appearance) and I think that's what really matters. The plot a 9 out of 10, why? Because the whole MC becoming a slayer thing was cool and unexpected. the setting/scenery a 10( wow no one has received that from me before!), why? Because the description of the different scenes and just the name of the town alone creep the sh*t out of me. And finally the overall experience a 9. And oh yes I will be reading what's next to come and any other Kailin Gow stuff I can get my ands on! Kailin Gow if you every read this you just made yourself another fan!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crescendo(Hush,Hush 2) by Becca Fitzpatrick book review

Wow ok I I really didn't think that I was going to like this installment because of the way the last one ended but wow. Ok this one picks with Nora(N) & Patch(P) just enjoying the perks of a new relationship and all that and then wam! Here's come like this whole tornado of distrust. N tells P that she loves him and then all hell breaks loose literally! There this thing where P can't tell N that he loves her back because the archangels are now watching their every move and blah, blah, blah. I didn't(just like how I didn't like in the first one) like the way Fitzpatrick keeps you in the dark about everything! Like really everything! Then once again there's this whole everyone seems like they are trying to kill N thing going on sos you never know who to trust during the entire book. The only person that could be trusted is the MC(main character) becuase of course she's not out to kill herself, that would just be stupid!  Fitzpatrick please if you are out there reading this somewhere some how please give us something more I don't know stable.

Don't get me wrong I love a good mystery as much as the next person but when evryone is a susspect things getting alittle crazy. * that was a mouthful* *wiping sweat off of my forehead right now* Now as for the characters themselves no one has to improved at all! Everyone is exactly the same as they were in the first installment which to me is a little um... lazy. I think one of the main reasons people continue to follow a series is because you are dying to read what happens next and to see if any of the characters has I don't know grown up! Okay think about it like this: all of these character are like friends or just anyone that you haven't seen in a long time( I say long time because unless you don't have a life then I'm quite sure that you took a breather in between book 1 & book2, you probably went to work or school or went to go walk the dog or whatever) so when you finally catch up with these friends or coworkers or whatever you want to know if there's anything new happening in there life right? So by the characters improving from one book to another that kind there way of letting you know what's happening in there life. *another mouthful, wiping more sweat oof my forehead*.

Without more rambeliing I can say that Fitzpatrick did not delivery whatever the h*ll I just rambelled about. The plot was just like the character unchanging. so with all of that in mind I think it's time for my own personal whatever out of 10 stars ratings *yea!*  The characters I'm ging to give a 4 and a half stars out of 10 , I'm giving the half because while they were unchanged they still had enough zip to keep me entertained. The plot a 4 and half stars and the half is because just like the unchanged characters the plot(once you get pass the whole-everyone-wants-to-kill-Nora-thing) had enough zing to keep me reading it all the way into the wee hours of the morning. The scenery/setting a 3 because while Fitzppatrick dose describe where they are and what's going on I still found myself imagining something completely different than what was being described(I guess you can say I mad up my own scenery in my head when Fitzpatrick should have planted exactly what I was suppose to imagine there). And finally *dum-dum* *trumpets blaring* the overall experience which I will give a 5 out of 10 stars, why? Because although I had comlpaints I did enjoy reading it and am dying to get my hands on the third installement!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Entice(Need 3) by Carrie Jones book review

Ok yes I am a Carrie Jones fan and thought the whole idea of pixies was just a good change from the everyday vamp or werewolf story so I have to give her a big thumbs up for that but I thought the characters of this installment could of used some... I don't know some more something, just something felt missing from them that wasn't missing in the second installment . And when I say characters I mean everyone like the supporting characters , so everyone except for the main character which I like in this one but kind of didn't like in the second part of this series.
 Even though there was almost no phobia chanting in this one which I have come love not like but love because it gave the story(the first one) a creepy vibe. Just think about how scary the story seemed(even though in these types of stories things always seem to work out fine in the end and the leading girl character or boy character always seems to get their hot girl or guy and their happy ending) to be reading the first book in the dark with the MC(main character) chanting phobias every time the scene cuts to something that seems weird or creepy, it should creep the sh*t out of you if your a good story buff like myself.
 But any way the MC has really become a stronger person in this one and even sees that their is life outside of Nick Colt which by the way has bored me from the start as the hot/supernatural/love interest of the story. However I do love Astly(even though that's a weird name, it sounds like something that I would name a dog or maybe even a horse) as the hot/supernatural/mysterious/love interest. Good job on Astly Jones, please keep him around if you are considering a fourth book! Which by the way this book ended I think there should be a fourth if there's not one in the making because there was too many questions left unanswered with this ending.

Questions like: what will Nick thing of Z(Zara) when he wakes up and finds out that she's not just half pixie any more but whole and complete pixie?   Where the h*ll is Grandma Betty and is she going to be okay?   What will become of Astly and Z's relationship? And most importantly what the h*ll is going to be done about the bad pixies?!

Please Jones if you happen to ever come across this review please either answer these questions ion the fourth book or at least come close to answering these question because I'm dying to know!
Ok now that's out of the way now it's time for my personal rating system. *Yeah!*

As for the scenery/setting I give this book a 7 out of 10 stars because the way Jones describes things in the book never once had me wondering what the h*ll was she talking about and that's a good thing! The characters I will give a 5 out of 10 and that's only because the most important character(the main character) was very brave and interesting in this installment which since she is the main character she should be brave and interesting. The plot a 4 and a half stars out of 10 because I still didn't like the whole-let's risk every one's-life -just-to-save-one-boy-thing. And finally dum-din-dum * trumpets blowing* the overall experience of the book a 8 out of 10 stars because I did really enjoy reading this and at the end isn't that what it's all about anyway?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Misguided Angel(Blue Bloods 5) by Melissa de la Cruz book review

First off let me start off by saying that I love me some Melissa de la Cruz but what the hell was going on in this book? Ok the book picks up where the last one left off(as they all do)  with Shuyler and Jack running off  together to find the gate of promise so that they can keep Lucifer from slipping through it and pretty much causes hell but what I could understand with this book is why did de la Cruz decided to introduce a new character or more like two new characters this late in the series. It was a little weird especially since we only briefly meet one of the new characters in book 2! Yeah you are reading this right one of the new characters is someone that she only gave us a glimpse at in book 2! I was thinking to myself that wow I barely remembered this person and now they have like a whole few chapters to themselves, unbelievable!

 So anyways as for the rest of the charters I didn't care for Schuyler in this book because I thought she was just weak and I still hadn't forgiven her for hurting Oliver the way that she did in the um.. fourth book. Mimi was very good in this book because she has clearly evolved from the super rich b*tch that she always came off as and now she's more realistic. I can not comment on Bliss who was in books 1-4 but for whatever reason was not in this book. Why? I don't know but that dose go back to the whole side character from either book 2or 3 becomes a main character thing that I have already mentioned. It was a pity that she wasn't in this one because   her dealing with the fact that she's not a vampire any more which I don't even know how that is possible  would have made for an interesting read.
 Jack was just as boring as he always is in all of the books. There was no Dylan because if you read the fourth one he is dead which didn't make sense because he was killed with another angel's sword which is what Bliss plunged into her own chest but lives and he doesn't. The character that gets the award for biggest come out is Oliver, why? Because he really to me came out the role as side character and became a full on character in this book. Now its onto my special personal ratings.  For the setting I gave this book a 5 out of 10 stars because de la Cruz described the scenery well enough to make me think that I was there. The characters9the ones that where in the book at least) a 4 out of 10 because even though I didn't like the fact this side character from an earlier installment was a surprise and kind took the book over as her own was still entertaining. The plot a 3 out of 10 only because I felt that a lot of time was waisted on unimportant stuff and the overall experience a 8 out of 10 only because even with some of the things that I found wrong with it it was still a read that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Captivate by Carrie Jones book review

        I am a big fan of Jones work but this book was a little weird for me. Weird as in where the hell did all this Norse mythology come from?! Norse mythology like a whole lot of it through out the entire book, like really?! And what happened to the main character Zara reciting  phobias  that was the good creepy factor of the first book that I liked and was disappointed that it wasn't in this book. However if I can guess what Jones was going for with that I would have to say is that she wanted to showcase a more mature Zara. The whole Nick being taken by a Valkyrie was so unexpected that it was almost just stupid but stupid enough to work so I guess it made for an interesting read.I liked Izzy and the rest of the characters in this one they all seemed to have grown I guess? So since I have such mixed feelings on this one I'm just going to go ahead give it my personal rating. For the setting I give it 4 out of 10 stars because the setting didn't seem as creepy as the first book which was a good creepy. The characters a 5 out of 10 because they did show that they have grown, the plot a 4 out of 10 because I hated the whole Zara dose anything to try and rescue Nick thing and the over all book experience a 6 out of 10 stars. Would I read anything else from Jones the answer is a hundred percent yes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Van Alen Legacy( Blue Bloods 4) by Melissa de la Cruz book review

The character, the characters , the characters! I loved the characters in this installment. I really feel like they came to life in this one! Most of them. I would have to say all except for Bliss. The character Bliss was really flat and stupid in this book. I mean I know that she was being controlled by her farther( Lucifer) but I felt like De La Cruz didn't have to make her so very helpless! I felt as though that there was moments that Bliss could have done more to help her problem and the moments that she wasn't under someone's control she should had used those times more wisely and not to take them to sun bath, shop, or to take meaningless tub baths. She just could have done more in my opinion. The whole Schuyler and Olivier thing was a little weird for me because I didn't know if they were loving each other as a couple or as best friends and at times it seemed like they themselves didn't know. de la Cruz spent to much time on unimportant things that by the time that you got to the true purpose of the book you would just breeze through it because you had already had your fill with the rest of the book. Ex: It was like taking a road trip and you took the extremely long route and there is so much pretty scenery around that at first you don't mind the long route but when you finally get where you was going you just done forget your reason for the whole trip. ( sorry if that was hard to follow). So now that I have gotten through that its time for my personal rating. Characters I will give a 10 out of 10 stars, scenery/setting a 8 out of 10 stars, plot 5 out of 10 and overall book experience a 6 out of 10 so yes I will be reading what's more to come. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Revelations(Blue Bloods 3) by Melissa de la Cruz book review

I don't know with this one. There was a lot more action in this one than in the second installment in this series but I was personally having a hard time keeping up with it all. There was too much switching back and forth between characters just when you trying to understand what one character was getting at. There wasn't as much flaunting of how wealthy the characters were which was a little sad and happy for. :( / :) . Don't ask me why but that's just how I feel. The scenery was lacking I don't know everything really, I didn't ever get a sense where any of the characters were at most of the times but since I read both part one and two then it wasn't too hard to follow. And if someone was too pick up a book with checking to see if there was more in that series then I think that should be their fault that they are lost. The characters were a little more blah this time around and nothing about them really I don't know shocked me I guess. Well expect for the love affair between Schuyler and Jack, that did blow me. And there's one thing that I am both upset about and happy about. The ending where Bliss was revealed to the reader to be the hidden silver blood. I'm mad because I was guessing that through the whole book was surprised that de la Cruz not only put all the clues out there for everyone to see but that at the end all your suspensions  had come true. I thought she could had thrown a curve ball in there somewhere but then I was happy because I was right the whole time! Hey me! My personal rating for this book. Characters I would give a 4 out of 10 stars, setting a 4 out of 10, the plot a 5 only because even though it was confusing it did make you think a little and I like books that make you think a little. Overall experience a 6 out of 10 and yes I will read on.

Need by Carrie Jones book review

I thhought that overall it was a pretty good book. But the way it was written was a little hard to understand at first but I eventually got into it. Only real con(s) is : I feel like the author could have done more with the ending.  The boy kindnappings could have used a little more explaination.  The fact that pixies were killing people because the king  needed a queen was a little hard to follow. The characters were a little hard to read at times and sometimes seemed 2D (especially Nick Colt) the main love interest of the main character Zara white. I really like Zara's Grandmother. I liked how she wasn't the typical story book Grandmother. Another 2D character was Megan(the all around school bitch) with her blonde hair and good looks just seemed overdone. I was thinking if authors are going to add a mean girl to their story at least change up their looks so that they do not look like the typical mean girl. The MC(main character) re-sights phobias when she's bored or afraid which in the begging I thought was stupid and had nothing to do with the story but towards the end you begin to see how that does add somewhat of a creep factor to the book. And the whole pixies can't come into your house unless invited was weird but still creepy only because I myself just imagined inviting someone into my house and not knowing that they were a pixies and now they can come in any time that they want. Creepy! I loved the part where her Farther came into the Grandmother's house and just knocked sweetly on her bedroom door that was extra creepy! Ok time for my personal rating! Setting I would give a 9 out of 10 stars because they did paint a pretty creepy picture of Main in this book. Characters I would give a 5 out of 10, plot a 5 out of 10 and overall book experience a 8 out of 10. And yes I would read more to come!

Masquerade(Blue Bloods 2) by Melissa de la Cruz book review

This one for me was kind of slow in the begging and didn't really pick after Schuyler(main character) got back from Italy and then it kind of dragged on until the very few last couple of chapters. So I 'm a little lost on this one because I loved Blue Bloods 1 and I do somewhat like this because it had the same characters in it and I like when  a sequel has the same characters form the first installment but this one just seemed all about secret parties and a lot of Mimi(other main character) showing off. There wasn't as much scenery this book and I have to say that I loved the scenery in the first book. Um.... the characters weren't as lively as they were in the first one  so I would have to say that this book is ok. Just ok I felt as though de la Cruz could have done more with this book instead cramming all the good parts towards the end where I felt as though I was being rushed into so many things. Time for my personal rating! The setting I would give a 5 out of 10 stars, characters a 5 out of 10 stars, the plot a 3 out of 10 stars and the over all experience a 5 and that's only because I loved the first book is why I'm giving the experience a 5. Am I going to read what comes next I would have to say h*ll yeah I've already gotten started!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick book review

The only reason that I ended up giving it three stars is because it did have that hint of mystery in it and I love a good fantasy book that also has a hint of mystery. But other than that redeeming quality I would have to say that it wasn't as good as it could be. It wasn't as bad as Fallen(the worst fallen angels book of all time!) but there was some things that bothered me about it. 1. I didn't know where the story was taken place until maybe like the middle of the book. 2.the characters were really 2D meaning to say that they really only had one side to them and that was the side that we(the readers were seeing ). 3. as far as the character development goes I don't feel like they were properly formed and the weird thing is the side characters actually seemed to have more of a story behind them then the main characters did.4. The main love interest was named Patch! and not only was he the main love interest but he was that bad-boy-type. I was just finding a hard time believing any bad-boy-type that has the name of almost every dog in America. 5. The main character/narrator was very flat and boring to me, nothing about her pooped and as a matter of fact her best friend which was incredibly immature had way more personality than she( Nora Grey) did.6. the way in which it ended was a little confusing to me so confusing that I can't even begin to explain it in this review. So with all of that in mind the question is will be reading the next book to come? The answer is yes because I do want to see where Fitzpatrick will be taking the next one and then it's not such a bad read if you were bored with completely nothing else to do (like  if the option to watch paint dry was unavailable). So now it's time for my own personal rating. For the setting I give it a 4 out of 10 stars. The characters a 4 out of 10 stars. Plot a 3 out of 10 only because with everyone trying to kill the main character it got a little confusing as to who was a good guy and who wasn't. the cover(even though I don't normally rate cover art a 5 out of 10 and as for the over all experience I would have to give a 4 out of 10. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer book review

I'm a little on the fence with this book only because I love Bella as the main character(as she is in books 1-3) but I think Edwards perspective was a little more I don't know broad I guess. With him it started out a little slow but quickly became excellent and expressive and just nice to follow along with. The only real complaint that I can think of was that I wished it was finished and that despite how this book was released I think Myers should finish it because I would sure as want to read the finished product. Experience rating 7 out of 10 stars, character rating 5 out of 10 stars only because this book really made Bella seem like such a drip, setting rating a 4 out of 10 because I don't really remember Edward describing a lot of scenery. Plot rating a 10 out of 10 because it is just the same as the first book but in a different voice and I love the first book and my overall experience rating would the same a 10 out of 10! I did love this book. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Sacrafice(Vampire Academy#6) by Richelle Mead book review

I am sad that this was the  end of this series but what a way to end. I am going to start off with the characters first and then brake down the story if I can.  Rose(R) also the main character has seemed to go back to her old ways as in she  un -matured . R seems very childish in this one like all the growing she has done in the other books before this one had meant nothing and she seems more like the R  we meet in the first book(very  not calm, very stupid and constantly throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way) Like that little stunt that she'd pulled at the motel was completely stupid in every sense of the word stupid. No one in the human world knew who she Dimitri(D) & Sydney(S) was until she had pulled that "help there is a guy chasing me!" stunt just so that she could get away from D only so that she could pick the worst time to go check on Lissa(L) in her head. I mean if I had those powers why would I decide to use them when someone is chasing me, especially when that someone is just as equally matched as me and perhaps stronger. Now on to D he was very annoying in this piece with his no I don't love R but oh yeah but I do think her hair  beautiful crap. I was are you kidding me  he so totally loves her and it was infuriating that Mead couldn't just put that out there so that she could use up more of the book to expand more issues. I really liked L in this one and I feel that she is the most well grown character in this book because she wasn't a victim like she is in every book of this series. She actually got up and took action instead playing the oh spirit is getting to me trick so that's why I can't do anything on my own! Christian(C) was annoying in this one and that surprised me because C doesn't usually annoy me but I found him to be very two dimensional in this one . He was very much like any other carbon copy of a teenage boy that thinks he loves a girl but he's trying not to show it. Arian(A) was pathetic in this book and also stupid. I don't why he wouldn't see how in and R was never going to be together and how she was using him for everything from money to make herself feel good. I was screaming through out the whole book "are you crazy it will always be D and not you! can't you see that!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spirit Bound(Vampire Academy 5) by Richelle Mead book review

 Wow! This one is about Rose(MC) as her along with the rest of the VA cast recover form her going M.I.A to go find D(Dimitri) after he had turned strigoi and like I said wow! First off the whole idea about Rose trying to save D by first killing him while he's still strigoi and then bringing him back to life using the magic of spirit was interesting. After the way the last one had ended I was just going to assume the R and D was just going to spend the rest of their lives hunting each other down and trying to kill one another(like I've seen in a lot of other books with the same idea) but  I guess Mead thought that D was too interesting of a character too lose that way and at the last moment decided to work up a way to save his soul so that he could be back in the world of the living well sort of.  Call me crazy but I kind of liked D as a strigoi because he as moody and as confusing as he is when he is a dhampir. L(Lissa) is still as dependant of R(Rose) as every. Well no in this one I did see a little bit of independence on her part. There were parts where she managed to think and act on her own and I was glad for that. I was also glad that her and C(Christian) got back together because frankly their feeling toward each other was getting on my nerves. They would start arguing in the most odd times and places and like I said it was annoying. I was glad to see that M(Mia) had got an even amount of say so in this book. In the last book she was pretty nonexistent! OK I HAVE TO GET THIS OUT THERE !!!!! D still loves R , why? this man was willing to go through an entire army of guardians just to protect her, her the same girl that he constantly keep telling to go away! I mean come on! Ok and now on to my favorite parts:  when D was restored to his former self, when they were in court and R called the Queen a sanctimonious b*thc(I was literally clapping and jumping up and down on my bed when I read that part). Oh when C was trying to protect L during the strigoi attack. So now on to the ratings! As for the characters I give them a 10 stars out of 10 stars(everyone was wonderful in this one!) The setting a 4 stars out of 10( only because they spent so much time at court and it began to get boring). The plot 5 stars out of 10! And overall experience a 10! Yes I will be moving on to the next and huh the last of this series!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blood Promise(vampire academy 4) by Richelle Mead Book review

 As I have said before and will say again I love this series and am quickly becoming a Richelle Mead fan(though I haven't read anything else that she has written but if her other series are as interesting as this one then yes call me a fan!) With my love of this series out of the way I am going to go on saying that this one was a slow read but still interesting but still very slow. This book follows the after math of the attack on the school and Rose(MC=main character) losing the love of her life (Dimitri) to the world of the strigoi(the bad vampires) and I have to say that this is a slow ,slow read. It starts off with her in Russia and the slowness just continues from there! This story took long to get to the point(which is her finding Dimitri and killing him because he has now become a strigoi and she promised to do so in the third installment of this book) but the story kind of went on and on and on before getting to the really juicy parts( her finding and killing D, the whole if she can do it part, what(besides a strigoi) would he look like to her in her eyes now that he has know the the great build up! And then when this great build up comes it to me was quick and rushed. Mead waisted a lot of time with scenery and different cultures and a whole lot of other stuff that could have been cut down so that the big meeting between Rose and Dimitri could have been more magical, more suspenseful! I mean the scene plays out like this: she stops to help this old lady, the old lady's face gives away that there is something scary behind her(Rose), Rose turns around and then bam! There's Dimitri, the guy that she has been all over the place looking for and then bam there he was right on the side walk, standing right before her eyes and of course she can't even think clear enough to get off her a** and start fighting him because she was in too much shock that there he was all casual and cool , standing there on a busy city side walk. When that happened I was like wow Mead I love you but you could have done better with that! I was thinking that given D's nature that he would had been held up in some cabin somewhere away from people because of the  monster that he had now become and wouldn't had turned into some kind strigoi gangster complete with a gang boss(Galina). Seriously where did that even come from! It was like bam, hi Rose I used to be good and kind and the type of person that wouldn't work for any one else but now I'm some kind of strigoi gangster oh and by the way your about to join me!  But on to other things, Lissa is a b*tch for not going with her best friend(the scene that I am talking about is in the third book but still....) the entire time she just tried to pretend that Rose didn't exist  and that she was the selfish one when the whole time I was thinking that Lissa was selfish for not understanding why Rose needed to run off and go kill D. I was like for God's sake the girl ust lost the only man that hse has loved and sleeped with she needs closure stop thinking about yourself and who's going to protect you and be there to help you with your b*llshit! I was mad that Mia only got one(sorry two) part(s) in this book and some nody that was only in book three for like 15 minutes(Jill) had more say in this book.Rose herself has grown in this book and I like a character that continues to grow as the series goes on. Christian has grown too and I like that, he is not so ....b*tchy anymore now that he is teaching other good vamps to fight with there powers so I guess he just needed an outlet to express his rage sort of, kind of ? So to wrap it up for overall book experience I would give this one a 5. Characters a 5 and a half. Scenery/setting a 10(the way she discribed Russia was beautiful) and would I read this again, I give that a hell yeah. Would I read the what's next in the series , I give that a double hell yeah, in fact I just bought prt 5 & 6 and can't wait to get started!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Frostbite(Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead book review

 I just finished this book and went blazing right into the third one because Mead books( as for this series) are that good!  First of all I loved how Rose(main character) has improved from the first one, I almost found myself hating Rose in the first one because even though she keeps going on and on about how she is suppose to be this big important, wise guardian some day she found herself getting caught up in a lot of immature / she shouldn't be worrying about these types of things situations but she is showing that she is growing up and I like that in a main character(especially a young one like her). Lissa( other main character) to seemed stronger in this one which is a good thing because I hated how weak she was in the first one. She always seemed like she couldn't do anything without Rose which was annoying to me. I love the chemistry between Rose and Dimitri( her  7 yrs older than her teacher). I usually don't get to see a relationship like there's , usually if there's a love interest for the main female character than that love interest would be either a yr older or a yr younger but I have never seen a whole 7 yr difference between two characters and yet they just seem perfect for each other, it was a refreshing change of pace in a book like this! I love Christian's attitude(really, no sarcasm intended!) he so truthful and in your face but at the same time completely a loner and with his parents reputation and his attitude it just makes him so wrong for Lissa that he's right!  Finally I felt really sorry for Mia and Mason, at some point I had thought that Mia was going to go strigoi because the lost of her mom and Mason.... well I never saw that coming... wow...the way he died ..terrible. I thought Mead was going to keep him around like the rest of the characters but wow.  His death was so sad but I guess she might had killed him off because it was always going to be the same sorry with him and Rose( he wanting her but she's too caught up in Dimitri, so he would still go out of his way to defend and love her and she would probably never feel the same for him).  Hmm... all in all the characters I would give a thumbs up, the setting did improve some so yeah a thumbs up, the plot a somewhat thumbs up and the over all experience a two thumbs up! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vampire Academy#1 by Richelle Mead book review

 I am going to start off by saying that at first I did not like this book but towards the end I was totally hooked!  The two main characters(Lissa & Rose) seemed very self-centered and preoccupied by non important things is the reason that I did not like it in the begging. But the way the story flows dose take some time to jump into especially if you are not currently a high school aged kid but once you settle into it's definitely a good ride. It was so good that I immediately after reading the first one went right into reading the second installment and the only other series that I could not put down like that was the twilight series!  With all my likes with this book it was hard to find a dislike but here it is: the school, I did not find there security around the school very convincing because through out the whole book people could easy go to and get into places that they should not be so if this a well hidden private school with lots of security around then she(Richelle Mead) did not make that fact very believable to me. The two main characters lack of interest in important things. I know that they are teenage girls that live in a dangerous world where things like strigoi(the bad vampires) could just grab them at any moment and do horrible things to them but Mead had them focus on stupid things through out the world book. Things like: boys, who is spreading rumors about them, clothes, and what some random mean girl(Mia) is saying about them. I was thinking that if the strigoi could attack them at any moment then they should be concentrating on that and not the stupid that they probably wont live to see if the bad vamps get to them first . Rose(main character) was annoying only because she seemed to have a lot of responsibility but she just kept getting caught up into different unimportant things but other than those things that I disliked I loved!!!!!!! this book!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue Bloods #1 -Melissa de la Cruz review

 Okay I first Have to start off by saying that I loved the cover of this book! The cover really draws you in! Then I like the setting of the book. It was set in New York City and I was thinking that was great because a lot of vampire books that I have read are set in some small town in the middle of nowhere and I always wondered how would a vampire story go if it was set in a more populated area( you know with a lot more than maybe 50 people in a town, where everyone knows everyone by their first name). I would say to myself that there was no way a vampire could hide who they really were in a big town but the way Melissa wrote it was good, she made her vampires some of the richest and most powerful members of society which in that case they really could do whatever the h*ll they wanted to do without anyone really noticing( poor people only pay attention to what rich people are doing when they are doing a job for them and have to get paid from them, otherwise no middle class or poor person can really afford to pay any attention to what the rich are doing).  The whole vampires are fallen angels thing was pretty unique when you think about it and it seems to me like they were only doing such good things for New York so that they can get back into heaven which if I was a fallen angel I would try to get back on Gods good side(if you know what I mean). It was a little confusing at first with the three person point of view/narration but eventually I did catch on and really began to get into the story. I love the visual references about New York's surroundings(especially because I have never been there before) they really made me feel like I was there in the story, at the parties or really in the nightclubs! Bliss(one the three main female characters) could have been a bit more stronger, she was such a follower and pretty much just went along with whatever Mimi said or did. Especially because she was the IT girl at her old school in Texas, so she should of had more of a mind of her own. Mimi could had been a little bit more realistic. The whole blond -pretty-girl-gets -everything -that- she -wants- all- the- time is a little old and realistically that wouldn't happen(they would have at least  had one moment of that not happening or a moment where they too would fall or something that they didn't like would happen to them just to show that they are 3 -dimensional). Schuyler was... predictable but likable( I really can't think of a complaint for her). I didn't care to much for Jack because he didn't stand with Schuyler and to me that makes him a wimp! If he really loves her than I thought he should stand with her no matter what! Oliver is  a very good friend for forgiving her for turning her back on him for some random,rich, cute boy who barely even notices her(Schuyler)! And I really felt sorry for Dylan because it seemed like all he really wanted was to be with the girl that he couldn't have(Bliss) and every time they got together something or someone would get in the middle, that was terrible for them any way! But overall I would give this book on a scale of 1-10(1 is the worst and 10 is the best) a 7. Characters a 6, setting/backdrop a 11 and just the experience and the joy of reading this a 9. And yes I would be reading the next book and I would love to reread this one!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's going on today?! prt 1

What is going on today indeed? Lately I have been looking around for different kinds of ebook readers. Why? Because the HP Ipaq 3950 pocket computer that I have been uses  as a book reader for  a year is starting to give me some trouble. Details about this pocket pc  can be found at  and  .  With all of the book readers that's on the market today it's enough to make your head spin! There are small one( 4 inch screens on up to 6 inch screens) and big one ( 5inch screens on up to 10inch screens) and I don't know where to start! But there is on out there that has caught my attention. The Augen "The Book" book reader/mp3 player/video player/web surfer.  Now I haven't tried it out yet but the price, features, and size dose look appealing to me but on the other hand I have been reading some reviews about this device that makes have second thought about it. One con that a lot of people keep mentioning is the slow web browser and poorly written user manual and that fact that if you set something as your favorite on the device in the favorite menu that you can not get it off of that menu no matter how hard you try! Hm.. I say just don't set anything as your favorite and only browse the web on it if the moment is necessary and as for the manual just do your very best to get around it(especially for the small price that it is being offered at! Well I'm going to give it a try and then come back to this topic and really say what's on my mind about it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate book review

 This review is about the book Fallen by Lauren Kate and I will be going into some details about the book, so if you don't want a spoiler than don't read this! But if you do want to know about the book before making your own judgement than read on!

I want to start off by saying that I was very disappointed with the out come of this book!  When I first came across this book in the magazine/book isle of  a walmart I (like a lot of other people )was automatically drawn to the beautiful  cover art of this book. The cover: a white/vampire skinned girl with long black hair that covers one half of her face, in a dark and eerie forest setting, wearing a long black Victorian style dress while covering the front of her face with her white/vampire skinned hands(like she was ashamed of something) and while black birds loom over  her head. Wow! But needless to say that the cover was excellent and as I later found out very relevant to the actually story line but I will also soon discover that the cover is one of or the only things that I liked about this book!  The very beginning starts with two characters (that I  later find out are Luce and Daniel) in an Victorian era talking as if they have met before but they haven't sort of... needles to say that it is kind of confusing as the rest of the book is. I do like the the concept(which is falling angels). I think it was a refreshing change from the normal vampire books that are out there and I was excited that someone(Lauren Kate) decided to do something different but maybe and this is a slight maybe(and once again this is only an opinion) maybe this topic was too much for her or anyone else.  And I say this because fallen angels falls into a biblical/religious category and for some people it was a little to much and a little too wrong. And even though I am not one of those people and I do understand that this is just for entertainment purposes, some people may not and with fallen angels you kind of have to do your homework about this subject and I feel like Lauren did not!  Which brings me to my main dislike about this book, good and bad fallen angels!  If you know what an angel is than you would have to say that they are good and a bad one would be the only kind of fallen angel! That's it, period! You can not be a good fallen angel and if you were good than you wouldn't have fallen in the first place! The main character... hm... I like the twist that was presented about the main character(even though a lot of people didn't) the twist to me is that she's this perfect straight A student that ends up in a reform school with a bunch of D or F- low life students. To me that kind of says that no matter who you are you can find yourself in the worst of situations. But I do not like the reason the author gave for why Luce(the main character and narrator) was sent there. She was sent to this reform school in Georgia because she was found at the scene of a death of one of her classmates that she may or may not have something to do with, hm...if I was writing this story I would have placed her in a crazy home instead of a reform school because even if she didn't do it(which we never find out if she did or didn't) it would seem like that would be a traumatic event that would send anyone to a crazy house!  Now onto the reform school itself, there was never any real description of it except for a hallway here or library there so I ended up envisioning something that looks like a castle(I'm not sure what everyone envisioned but that's what I thought). And not only was there a problem with its description but it was unbelievable in the sense that it is suppose to be a reform school(you know with some really bad kids that could  try to brake out or go crazy and start hurting people) but there was a lack of supervision except for the completely useless cameras that the kids found ways to get around and at some point in the story Luce actually leaves campus! Are you kidding me! Which reform school that is out there where you can leave the campus in a black truck that nobody in this school seems to see or care about! That made me think that maybe the reform school is either magically or all in Luce's imagination(but that's not the case but it would make sense if it was). And the part that really bugs me is the plot. The plot is that Luce and Daniel have meet before but in a different life time and of course their in love but Luce doesn't remember all of this because every time she gets with Daniel she dies and comes back 17 years later with no memory of anything and anyone which would have been fine if  there was a more reasonable explanation for it. And I was thinking(forgive me if this is a dumb question) but if she keeps coming back every 17 years as  her self  in a different life but probably with a more modern version of her name than wouldn't that mean that her parents would have to either be immortal and keep having a baby every 17 years and keep naming that baby Luce or that somehow they themselves would have to keep coming back every 17 years to give birth to her so that she can play out this version of her life? And I ask this because in the story the main character even asks the same question about her parents coming back every 17 years too but the question was never answered for either of us(if someone can break it down to me I will be very happy) but I think an explanation that would be suitable for me is that she's a miracle baby and it doesn't matter who her parents are she will still return to life and somehow they(whoever her parents are in this life time) will end up naming her Lucinda but then her last name will not always be Price. But then if she doesn't have that same last name would she still be herself?  As for the rest of the character I can't really say much because there wasn't much of an personal or visual description of them. Oh and Luce is dumb like a lot of the female main characters of these kinds of books. And when I say dumb I don't mean 1+2= 100 kind of dumb I mean dumb as in  she don't get obvious things that you(the reader) and anyone else in the world could easily see(because the writer wrote it that way) and things that you won't expect her to get she dose !  But in conclusion to rate this book on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best  I would give the concept( the whole new fallen angels thing) a 5 ,the characters(main character included) a 3, setting/location(that ridiculous boarding school) a 2 ,the plot a negative 1, and the over all book experience a 3. And will I be reading the part 2 and 3 ? The answer is yes because there was a lot to be explained in this first one and  I want an answer ! But will I be paying for the part 2 and 3 ? Chances are no because I(like everyone now days ) do not have money to waste!