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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passion(Fallen #3) by Lauren Kate book review

Passion is the third installment of the Fallen series and the Lucinda Price & Daniel Grigori love story. This installment picks up immediately where the last one left off with Luce stepping through an announcer and falling aimlessly through time to revisit her's and Daniel's past lives so that she could figure out why every time her and Daniel get together that she keeps dying? What really is this curse? Why are things different this time around? And what really makes their love so true and real? When the idea of Luce stepping through an announcer first appeared at the end of the second installment I though it was stupid , dangerous and reckless of her to go head long into the unknown back into the pass but after playing with the idea a little I then started thinking that maybe going back will help either help her understand why the death occurs so that way she can understand why they can't be together or how the death occurs so that she can return her current time and stop it from happening to her current self.

Both of which hopeful ideas would actually make sense but.... *STOP ! MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! * neither one of those ideas is what takes place during the plot of this book. Page after page after page after page of this book is nothing but Luce diving head long into the past and into all kinds of danger only to run into past Daniel and having him save the day and by saving the day you mean meeting up with Luce kissing her or coming into some kind of contact with her and then she dies a fiery death each and every time. There was even a part during this adventure(and by adventure I mean one long drawn out never ending story) where Bill Luce's mysterious traveling companion that only Luce can see or hear who also disappears when he comes into contact with any of the past fallen angels * hint, hint * tells her to possess her past selves to get a look at her own death from the their eyes.

When the suggestion came about I was thinking: 1. How the hell will seeing a death through eyes she has already seen through going to help break the curse. 2. In the likely even that her past self burst into flames how is she going to leave that body in time to save her current self? 3. From the very begging Luce has had apprehensions about bill so why the hell would she just listen to him with complete unquestionable loyalty? So long story short Luce does indeed possess her past selves only to see and kiss Daniel in different time periods and from different angles. During these meetings Luce gets so swept up in Daniel that forgets to ask him any questions, or to notice anything but him. Okay so your probably wondering one thing did she by possessing her past selves learn how to stop her own death from happening?

No! The answer is no well she dose learn that when her past self does burst into flames they are at peace when this happenings. Meanwhile Daniel,Cam and everyone from the ending of the last installment are on Luce's heels traveling through time to catch up with her but always arriving months, seconds or days too late. Also Luce is warned that her travels could possibly disrupt the future but she ignores the warning and continues to disrupt her past lives causing all kinds of chaos in the hopes of finding out the true about her's and Daniel's curse. Towards the end Bill tricks Luce or almost tricks her into quote unquote kill her soul and put an end to Daniel's pain and suffer. When Luce asks what will happen to her Bill just simply says your body will just come out of your past self unharmed , it'll go back to your time zone and live the current life of Lucinda Price but without the dramatic death that occurs each and every time you see Daniel.

“Kill your soul” Really ? That makes no sense your soul is apart of who your are so in theory if Luce was to kill her soul shouldn't that kill her as well? And another question that's bothering me how could she possess her past selves if she herself is not a spiritual being or a ghost? If a normal person went back in time with some sort of time machine they would not be able to find themselves from the past and just touch them and possess them. I do understand that this is a fictional story but that makes no sense even in fiction without the explanation of someone having spiritual powers. And the most annoying thing is Bill tricks Daniel into going back to before the angel fall when he should have been looking for Luce and once he realizes that he's been tricked he just goes along with it? What? So Daniel tries to sneak in a loop hole to his punishment that if Luce goes back in time in one of her life times and gathers all the information that she needs and then still chooses him or whatever else her choose would be then she'll be free to grow and to I guess live a normal life.

Question. If Luce really wanted to know the reason for her death couldn't she just had asked Bill to take her to her very first life? If you want to know something wouldn't it help to go to the very front of the information? Instead of randomly skipping through time like randomly flipping through the pages of a book? Luce learns nothing, this entire trip through time was a waist of time at the very end the only reason the reader learns why Luce keeps dying when her and Daniel get together is simply because it simply is. We're left with the same amount of information that we started with. If your still wondering what it is like to read this book just imagine getting bits and pieces of information to a puzzle only to have the pieces not fit or make any sense then to get to the end of the puzzle and to discover that the key to the puzzle is …. it just is the way is. When Kate learn that mysterious teenage love, information that makes no sense and really bad cliff hangers does not make a good book or a good series.

For the cover art I give this book a 4 out of 10 stars this cover isn't as pretty and captivating as the other two covers in this series. The characters a 4 out out 10 stars they were just as dumb and boring as they were in the part two of this series and the characters that were actually exciting barely had any parts through the whole book. The setting/scenery a 4 ½ stars out of 10 only because the descriptions took me to different countries that other wise I would probably never travel to. The plot a 3 out of 10 and the overall experience a 3 out of 10. Will I read this again? I'm giving Kate one last chance to redeem herself assuming that Rapture is not the last installment like Kate has quoted.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweat Evil by Wendy Higgins book Review

The story Sweet Evil is a story of unobtainable love, new and great friends , sadness and one teenage girl's fight to take control of her own life. Anna Whitt is a 17 teen year old girl whom is adopted a an early age and lives her life as a normal teenage girl with a few hidden secrets. She has good hearing, night vision and can see people's auras.

Anna's life begins to change when she meets hot band drummer Kaiden Row and discovers that he too has the same powers she has. Together they go on a journey across country to the place of Anna's birth to find out more information about what Anna is? Why is she different from the others of her kind ? What is her connection to Kaiden? And what little information does her incarcerated farther have for her?

These are all the questions twist and turns that arise during the heart beating ride that is Sweat Evil. Higgins paints nephilim in a different light than any other writer ever has. We always assume nephilim were good because they are the sons and daughters of fallen angels who would do anything to get back into God's good graces. But not in this book! It has been a while since I loved every character in a book and thought them all to be believable.

The only real complex I have is Patty allowing Anna to drive clear across the country with some dude that Anna and Patty herself barely knows? I was thinking come on that is not real. And yes I do know that this is a fantasy fictional book and sometimes if you look to deeply into these stories you find an abundance of things that would not happen in real life but that was completely unbelievable. There is no way a mom adopted or natural would allow their 17 year old daughter to drive across country with some shady -looking teenage boy that she has only seen for the first time.

I don't care if he has enough money to pay for fifty gold elephants to personally carry her there. That whole scene is unbelievable! Um … really I think that was my only real gripe with this story, everything else made good sense and was in good with out further ado here's my personal rating system. Whoo! * crowd cheering * For the cover art I give a 10 out of 10 stars it was a beautiful cover and it is one of the few covers that actually resembles the characters described in the book. Great job! The characters a 10 out of 10 stars, the plot a 10 out of 10, the scenery/settings a 10 out of 10. The way Higgins described her places made me feel like I was actually there and I haven't felt that in a while! And finally the overall book experience a 10 out of 10. Whenever you are sad because you've finished a book and even sadder because you realize that you do not have the sequel in your personal collection and begin to feel like you are empty inside then that was one hell of a book you've read! Will I be reading the next to come? What do you think?