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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Sacrafice(Vampire Academy#6) by Richelle Mead book review

I am sad that this was the  end of this series but what a way to end. I am going to start off with the characters first and then brake down the story if I can.  Rose(R) also the main character has seemed to go back to her old ways as in she  un -matured . R seems very childish in this one like all the growing she has done in the other books before this one had meant nothing and she seems more like the R  we meet in the first book(very  not calm, very stupid and constantly throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way) Like that little stunt that she'd pulled at the motel was completely stupid in every sense of the word stupid. No one in the human world knew who she Dimitri(D) & Sydney(S) was until she had pulled that "help there is a guy chasing me!" stunt just so that she could get away from D only so that she could pick the worst time to go check on Lissa(L) in her head. I mean if I had those powers why would I decide to use them when someone is chasing me, especially when that someone is just as equally matched as me and perhaps stronger. Now on to D he was very annoying in this piece with his no I don't love R but oh yeah but I do think her hair  beautiful crap. I was are you kidding me  he so totally loves her and it was infuriating that Mead couldn't just put that out there so that she could use up more of the book to expand more issues. I really liked L in this one and I feel that she is the most well grown character in this book because she wasn't a victim like she is in every book of this series. She actually got up and took action instead playing the oh spirit is getting to me trick so that's why I can't do anything on my own! Christian(C) was annoying in this one and that surprised me because C doesn't usually annoy me but I found him to be very two dimensional in this one . He was very much like any other carbon copy of a teenage boy that thinks he loves a girl but he's trying not to show it. Arian(A) was pathetic in this book and also stupid. I don't why he wouldn't see how in and R was never going to be together and how she was using him for everything from money to make herself feel good. I was screaming through out the whole book "are you crazy it will always be D and not you! can't you see that!"