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Friday, November 18, 2011

Torment(Fallen #2) by Lauren Kate book review

Torment is the second installment of Lauren Kate's Fallen and in this one it immediately picks up after the huge battle at Sword & Cross Academy where the good fallen angels(Danielle,Arraine&Gabe)(even though I didn't think there was such thing as a good fallen because if they were good then they wouldn't have fallen at all!) fought with the bad fallen angels(Cam,Rolland & Molly). So after this battle Danielle decides that it's not safe for Luce(the main character) to stay at Sword & Cross so he(without explaining anything to her) moves her to a new school, Shoreline Academy and then that where like 95% of the story takes place. Okay I did understand the whole need to keep Luce safe from whatever is after her and the same thing that is why her and D can't be together but I had a real life problem with this book because the way this story reads you as the reader could interpret D & L's relationship as a abusive teenage relationship! And I don't see myself as one of those people who takes fictional stories way too serious but come on look at some of the facts he isolated her from friends & family, he tells her she can't leave the place where he's placed her, he monitors her life from a distance most of the time and when dose come around it's only to give her just enough of his time to satisfy her romantic needs and even worse he dose like I've stated before tell her why she's moved to a new school he just gives her one of those "do as I say without a pep" kind of talks. He doesn't hit her ...well he dose actually grab her a lot in fits of anger but like I was saying it dose sound like a abusive relationship. Luce actually fits the profile of an abused girl. Stupid, love-sick and desperate. She's also self absorbed but that quality has nothing to do with abuse I just thought I should mention it.  Okay now that I've gone on and on about some underlining things that people with teenage daughters might be concerned about onto  the actual story and what I think of it.  The story itself is confusing and frustrating with the lack of information that D gives to L which in turn gives  to us the reader. Throughout the story random characters from the first book(Cam,Arraine,Molly &Gabe) just seem to pop up without much explanation as to why are they there. There is constantly things going with L's new friends but she's too love-sick and self absorbed to see any of it. D is constantly giving L orders that he doesn't explains and L constantly disobeys them and then as we who have read the first one know that for whatever reason L keeps being reincarnated every 17 years and comes back with no memory of her past lives in this installment she has a way to access these past memories but at one point makes her drive her from California to Las Vegas to confront some people that she seen in a past memory but doesn't actually go through with it. Really?! Luce actually meets a guy that would be perfect for her, he likes her and she even likes him and if with him wouldn't have to hide from the world or be isolated from friends and family or be told stay put in a place with no explanation why but she still pulls toward D(which I find abusive). Really?!  And so much time was spent on L trying to go through the past to unstand her future(with Danielle) and disobeying his abusive orders that the ending was just slapped together with Luce deciding after everything was said and done ,after all she went through to be with D and after all her bitching about being with him that she's tired of it all and goes away . Really?! So to sum it all up  if you would like to read a story where the main character is  stupid,desperate,love-sick & self absorbed and is in what looks like the beginning of a abusive relationship with a guy that doesn't respect her as an adult enough to explain things to her before he demands that she dose it and then at the end a crapping five minute ending is tacked on then please pick Torment by Lauren Kate. Personal rating I give the setting/ the way the scenery was described a 6, characters(except for the main character because I feel like she deserves a 1) a 4, plot a 2(only because it did keep me wondering where the hell was Kate going with this) and the overall experience a 5(only because this is going to give me something to bitch about for a long time!) : (