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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stargazer(Evernight #2) by Claudia Grey book review

Stargazer is the second installment of the Evernight series which follows the fatal attraction love story of Bianca and Lucas . In this installment Bianca follows Lucas back to his Black Cross hide-away in an attempt to be with him while mean while ghosts are appearing at Evernight Academy with little to no explanation. Will Bianca be discovered by Black Cross? What's the reason for all of the ghosts suddenly showing up at Black Cross? And most importantly will Bianca and Lucas finally be together like they had always planned in this new adventure? These are the questions that I and a lot of you might have been asking yourself as this exciting and romantic tail plays out and just like the good writer Grey is she dose her best to answer these questions and many more without giving away too much of the next installment.

Okay there's Grey's praise now here come the slams. Sorry this would not be an honest review without them. I do like the appearance of unbreakable love that Grey portrays between Lucas and Bianca but at some point I just started saying come on let's be real here. These two are from two different worlds , heading for two different futures and completely has no hope of being together. When Grey started making something happen with Balthazar and Bianca I was kind of thinking yes! Finally! Bianca is moving on from Lucas and hooking up with someone more in her world, more her type, someone she has a snow ball's chance in hell of being with.

But huh this is a YA novel after all and it would be if everything was as simple as finding a guy that no body has a problem with you being with, a guy that understands what you are going through more than anyone else , a guy that is one hundred percent perfect for you and just taking him and being happy. No this is YA and YA should stand for not at easy. Bianca loves Lucas so much that she is willing to run away with him and right into the arms of black cross. I was thinking come on once again does the girl main character in every YA novel have to be the one to sacrifice everything for true love?!

Especially after the guy Lucas would not change into a vampire and sacrifice everything for her. Really?! No really? There is a point where Bianca straight up ask him to go through the change and he looks her right in the face and says “no don't ever ask me to that for you ever” So not that people should take their values from a book. Please people do not take your values from any fictional story! Please! But I couldn't help but wonder what a real impressionable little girl would think about the way Lucas was so unwilling to give up anything for Bianca but at a moment's notice Bianca was so willing to run away from home and her vampire nature for him. Hmm sorry Grey not liking that at all.

The characters in this book were just as lively as I remembered them to be . I would have to say that I did enjoy the side characters this time around as I think I did in the last installment. Besides the obvious hints of sexism in the story I did enjoy the plot very much. As for the cover art it was …..well nice. It wasn't breath taking but it was somewhat of an eye pleas-er to say the least. The scenery or settings of this book were really good as per my personal rating system I would give it a five out of 10 stars. And the overall book experience I would give a 7 out of 10 stars. And yes I will and have already started reading the next installment.

Um....I wish I had more to say about this book not for the lack of words but for the lack of remembering what I truly wanted to say …. just a word to the wise when you finish reading a book you should immediately start reviewing or I promise you that you will forget what cool and clever things you really wanted to say about it lol. Anyway babbling on here ...the point is besides a few minor annoyances I did enjoy this book and the this series and look forward to what comes next.