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Friday, August 10, 2012

Evernight(Evernight #1) by Claudia Grey book review

       Evernight by Claudia Grey is a story about a girl named Bianca who is uplifted from her small town leaving behind all her friends and is sent to this spooky new school that her parents acquired jobs at. Here at this academy all the students seem to be too perfect and snobby to be true and that's because they are!. A mystery appears as Grey makes us(the reader) wonder why. Bianca is not truly alone at this school she does make some friends and even finds love but the secret that she herself reveals blows this book wide open for me and then the secret her new found lover reveals brings the book to a strange but family place. ….Evernight !
Ok I have to admit that the beginning of this book is a little confusing to me and gives the book a unneeded sense of urgency only to bring the readers hopes up and then quickly crashes them back down again. In the beginning Bianca(MC= main character) talks about running away and then strangely proceeds to do so. This was weird because I just already felt like she was being over dramatic in that “I'm a teenage and I want what I want and if I don't get it then I'm going to run away” sense. Then Lucas(2nMC= second main character) appears and tackles her to the ground like he was going to harm her but turns out he was the person who made her turn from a brisk jog into the forest into a full on sprint. Now me personally I love dramatics but opening with such a unnecessary and confusing piece like Grey did makes you look at the MC like she's a nit-wit.

Just a few more things that didn't sit well with me through this book and on to the fun stuff! Yay! Whoo! Haray! (*crowd cheering*) .

OK in pacific order. 1. I didn't like how the main character immediately starts falling for Lucas when her first impression of him was a serial killer/stalker.
        2.didn't care much for her complete trust in Lucas a guy the MC barely knows.
3.Bianca the MC seems weak,pathetic and needy. She lets people walk all over her.

If those things were to change maybe in the next installment I would like the MC a little better. But for now what I liked …... the MC turning out to be a vampire and that everyone else around her is one too but she's this special kind of vampire that only comes around every so many years. However I feel like this twist came too late into the book for it to be significant and kind of just feels like something the author through in their because she was running out of ideas with the whole young love bit. The fight scene between 2ndMC and MC's parents was awesome no buts needed on that! The cover art could use a bit more work but it's still kind of pretty.

Ok it's time for my personal rating system! The characters a 4 & ½ because of the supporting characters were very interesting unlike the MC. The setting a 5 because I loved the way the school, the school grounds and even the town in this story was described. The plot a 4 & ½ because the delivery was a little late and the over all experience a 2, it was interesting but the whole forbidden love bit has been done before. Would I read what's next to come? Yes but it's something I would have to gear myself up for, that I already bought the entire series.