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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain book review

The Dark Divine is about a girl named Grace Divine who is a pastor's daughter and a small town teenager like a lot of the MC(main character's) are in YA novels. Grace's happy suburban life is shaking up three years before the actual story takes place when her older brother returns home from their Father’s parish a bloody mess with no explanations. At that time either because Grace was too young or because her family just wanted to keep her out of the weirdness that surrounds their family everything from that day is concealed from Grace. No one every talks about it and she's the only one who has questions about that day and why most of it's details surrounds a once close family friend named Daniel Kalbi. Okay so fast forward from that night three years ago and the story picks up when word spreads about a new kid in Grace's school that she later meets and finds out that he's her brother and her's former art loving and much now changed childhood friend Daniel.

Her family becomes horrified that he has returned to their suburban town and is now in the two older kids(Grace & her brother Jude) school so she(Grace is told to stay away from him and to never bring him up again. Grace being the good girl teenager that she is decides against her families wishes and in turn tries to help him at every chance she gets despite his new bad boy image , unfavorable roommates/friends and even some connection to what the locals of this town calls the Markham street monster Grace can't stay away. Okay now that I have given a quick walk through of this book I 'm going to go on saying that this was a surprisingly good book. I say surprisingly because with a name like “The Dark Divine you would expect that is another falling angels book which I have only read two falling angel's series that I found to be really good! However this is not a falling angels book and I'm glad that Despain didn't take it in that direction because it would have been too obvious but at the same time I was slightly disappointed with the direction in which she took it in only because I felt like their was a lot more she could have done with the story besides turning it into another werewolf story(oops! Spoiler alert).

Fortunately that is my one and only grievances with this book! (yeah do a happy dance) ** Real big announcer's voice** “ladies and gentlemen it's time for my personal ratings!” **the crowd cheers** “yeah whew! Alright!” For the characters I give this story a 4 because the characters even though they were the normal type of characters that you would expect to find in a small town Despain still made them every bit of entertaining.

The setting I'll give a 3 only because Despain didn't do a good job of making the scenery memorable as a matter of fact I can't even if I tried to remember what town they were in or state or any other scenery I couldn't. The plot a 5. **shocked gasps** “Huh!” Yes even though I didn't agree with the werewolf direction it was still a very good plot with some twist and turns and a big surprise at the end.

The cover art a 10 out of 10 stars! Why because it's just that d*mn pretty! And the overall book experience a 8 out of ten stars! I can say that I did enjoy this book, I will read what's next to come and if Despain continues to write this good than she'll have a fan for life! :-)