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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate book review

 This review is about the book Fallen by Lauren Kate and I will be going into some details about the book, so if you don't want a spoiler than don't read this! But if you do want to know about the book before making your own judgement than read on!

I want to start off by saying that I was very disappointed with the out come of this book!  When I first came across this book in the magazine/book isle of  a walmart I (like a lot of other people )was automatically drawn to the beautiful  cover art of this book. The cover: a white/vampire skinned girl with long black hair that covers one half of her face, in a dark and eerie forest setting, wearing a long black Victorian style dress while covering the front of her face with her white/vampire skinned hands(like she was ashamed of something) and while black birds loom over  her head. Wow! But needless to say that the cover was excellent and as I later found out very relevant to the actually story line but I will also soon discover that the cover is one of or the only things that I liked about this book!  The very beginning starts with two characters (that I  later find out are Luce and Daniel) in an Victorian era talking as if they have met before but they haven't sort of... needles to say that it is kind of confusing as the rest of the book is. I do like the the concept(which is falling angels). I think it was a refreshing change from the normal vampire books that are out there and I was excited that someone(Lauren Kate) decided to do something different but maybe and this is a slight maybe(and once again this is only an opinion) maybe this topic was too much for her or anyone else.  And I say this because fallen angels falls into a biblical/religious category and for some people it was a little to much and a little too wrong. And even though I am not one of those people and I do understand that this is just for entertainment purposes, some people may not and with fallen angels you kind of have to do your homework about this subject and I feel like Lauren did not!  Which brings me to my main dislike about this book, good and bad fallen angels!  If you know what an angel is than you would have to say that they are good and a bad one would be the only kind of fallen angel! That's it, period! You can not be a good fallen angel and if you were good than you wouldn't have fallen in the first place! The main character... hm... I like the twist that was presented about the main character(even though a lot of people didn't) the twist to me is that she's this perfect straight A student that ends up in a reform school with a bunch of D or F- low life students. To me that kind of says that no matter who you are you can find yourself in the worst of situations. But I do not like the reason the author gave for why Luce(the main character and narrator) was sent there. She was sent to this reform school in Georgia because she was found at the scene of a death of one of her classmates that she may or may not have something to do with, hm...if I was writing this story I would have placed her in a crazy home instead of a reform school because even if she didn't do it(which we never find out if she did or didn't) it would seem like that would be a traumatic event that would send anyone to a crazy house!  Now onto the reform school itself, there was never any real description of it except for a hallway here or library there so I ended up envisioning something that looks like a castle(I'm not sure what everyone envisioned but that's what I thought). And not only was there a problem with its description but it was unbelievable in the sense that it is suppose to be a reform school(you know with some really bad kids that could  try to brake out or go crazy and start hurting people) but there was a lack of supervision except for the completely useless cameras that the kids found ways to get around and at some point in the story Luce actually leaves campus! Are you kidding me! Which reform school that is out there where you can leave the campus in a black truck that nobody in this school seems to see or care about! That made me think that maybe the reform school is either magically or all in Luce's imagination(but that's not the case but it would make sense if it was). And the part that really bugs me is the plot. The plot is that Luce and Daniel have meet before but in a different life time and of course their in love but Luce doesn't remember all of this because every time she gets with Daniel she dies and comes back 17 years later with no memory of anything and anyone which would have been fine if  there was a more reasonable explanation for it. And I was thinking(forgive me if this is a dumb question) but if she keeps coming back every 17 years as  her self  in a different life but probably with a more modern version of her name than wouldn't that mean that her parents would have to either be immortal and keep having a baby every 17 years and keep naming that baby Luce or that somehow they themselves would have to keep coming back every 17 years to give birth to her so that she can play out this version of her life? And I ask this because in the story the main character even asks the same question about her parents coming back every 17 years too but the question was never answered for either of us(if someone can break it down to me I will be very happy) but I think an explanation that would be suitable for me is that she's a miracle baby and it doesn't matter who her parents are she will still return to life and somehow they(whoever her parents are in this life time) will end up naming her Lucinda but then her last name will not always be Price. But then if she doesn't have that same last name would she still be herself?  As for the rest of the character I can't really say much because there wasn't much of an personal or visual description of them. Oh and Luce is dumb like a lot of the female main characters of these kinds of books. And when I say dumb I don't mean 1+2= 100 kind of dumb I mean dumb as in  she don't get obvious things that you(the reader) and anyone else in the world could easily see(because the writer wrote it that way) and things that you won't expect her to get she dose !  But in conclusion to rate this book on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best  I would give the concept( the whole new fallen angels thing) a 5 ,the characters(main character included) a 3, setting/location(that ridiculous boarding school) a 2 ,the plot a negative 1, and the over all book experience a 3. And will I be reading the part 2 and 3 ? The answer is yes because there was a lot to be explained in this first one and  I want an answer ! But will I be paying for the part 2 and 3 ? Chances are no because I(like everyone now days ) do not have money to waste!