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Monday, March 31, 2014

After Life(Evernight #4) by Claudia Gray book review

First of all I would like to start of by saying that it's been a really long time since I have read/finished this book so I hope I get all the details done right. This installment is the continuance of Hourglass aka Evernight #3. The story picks up where it left off of (which I like considering I jump around a lot and tend to start other series before finishing the one I'm already reading. I know it's a filthy habit but I'm seeking help for it as we speak or rather type) any 

I like when a series puts you back into the story so big thumbs up for that Gray. And then when the story actual picks up it leaves you wondering is this a new installment or are we still doing the same old same old. Bianca is dealing with being a ghost and trying to figure out what that means while trying to hold whatever is left of Lucas after he's been turned into a vampire . The thing about that is after a while the story started to repetitive.

And then the ending is what really killed it for me. Then ending reads like this( Stop Here If You Don't Want A Spoiler!) The ending reads like this “Lucas I love but I'm a ghost and your a vampire” “Damn its so hard being a vampire when your girlfriend is a ghost” “Bianca even though you already choose Lucas I still love even though your a ghost and i'll never have a true shot at you” “I'm Miss Bethany and I trap ghost for the purpose of one day restoring myself back from the dead” And really if you are dead and have been for centuries now why would restoring yourself be important how does that make sense that killing ghost would help you do that? I'm going to go on saying that I think Gray could have done better. And now my own personal rating system. Yay! * crowd cheering* The characters I'll give a 5 ½ out of 10 stars because I love that she used old characters that fans will recognize. The scenery/settings a 5 ½ only while they weren't described with such detail that made me feel like I was there they did however have something to do with the story itself. The plot a 4 ½ only of the repetitiveness , the cover art a 5 only because while it is not a jaw dropper it still looks better that the last one and finally the over all experience a 4 out of 10 because it was just an okay book nothing you would read again and again and again.

Will I read the spin off of this series ...mmm...maybe.