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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Lost Saint(The Dark Divine #2) by Bree Despain book

            Ok so the Lost Saint if you didn't all ready know is the part 2 of The Dark Divine so it immediately picks up where the first one stops with Grace being bitten or changed into a were wolf and now. Having to deal if the after math of that while trying to find out where her also now a were wolf brother has run off to. Ok I like how the story starts off right where it left off at but I didn't like how far Despain took the reader or us away from the matter at hand which was finding Jude(Grace Divine's brother) which was what the story was suppose to be about. But then again sometimes an author has to take the reader away from the story at hand in order to introduce the reader to other things happening around the main character but by the time Despain brings Hus back to the important matter at hand I pretty much forgot about finding Jude. This time around there wasn't to many new characters expect for Tall the mysterious new guy that G(Grace) meets in a sort of night club and who happens to be just like her a happened by chance were wolf. For me Tall was likable as a good guy and I didn't like to much when Despain made him into a bad guy. As a bad guy he was a sniveling coward who followed the every command of the head bad guy. So lame!  Any way because I don't want go on and on about minor lame parts of this book i'll just get right to my personal ratings. Yeah ! Alright! Woo! *crowd cheering*  . Ok as for the plot I gave it 5 out of 10 stars only because I do love this author and the way she attempted to keep everything together leading from the first one into this one. The setting I give a 3 because nothing had really changed from the last time I read the first book and what had changed wasn't that exciting. Yawn. *me pretending to yawn over the book's scenery* . The characters i'll give a 5 and a half.  Why not an whole 6 you may ask. Well every was good expect the main character Grace didn't really seal me this time around for some reason(when you read the book you may feel the same way). And finally the over all book experience a ...... 4 only because while it was good read it wasn't as heart stopping,  nail biting and laughable as the first book.( things did seem to move a little slower this time around).