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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's going on today?! prt 1

What is going on today indeed? Lately I have been looking around for different kinds of ebook readers. Why? Because the HP Ipaq 3950 pocket computer that I have been uses  as a book reader for  a year is starting to give me some trouble. Details about this pocket pc  can be found at  and  .  With all of the book readers that's on the market today it's enough to make your head spin! There are small one( 4 inch screens on up to 6 inch screens) and big one ( 5inch screens on up to 10inch screens) and I don't know where to start! But there is on out there that has caught my attention. The Augen "The Book" book reader/mp3 player/video player/web surfer.  Now I haven't tried it out yet but the price, features, and size dose look appealing to me but on the other hand I have been reading some reviews about this device that makes have second thought about it. One con that a lot of people keep mentioning is the slow web browser and poorly written user manual and that fact that if you set something as your favorite on the device in the favorite menu that you can not get it off of that menu no matter how hard you try! Hm.. I say just don't set anything as your favorite and only browse the web on it if the moment is necessary and as for the manual just do your very best to get around it(especially for the small price that it is being offered at! Well I'm going to give it a try and then come back to this topic and really say what's on my mind about it!

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