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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue Bloods #1 -Melissa de la Cruz review

 Okay I first Have to start off by saying that I loved the cover of this book! The cover really draws you in! Then I like the setting of the book. It was set in New York City and I was thinking that was great because a lot of vampire books that I have read are set in some small town in the middle of nowhere and I always wondered how would a vampire story go if it was set in a more populated area( you know with a lot more than maybe 50 people in a town, where everyone knows everyone by their first name). I would say to myself that there was no way a vampire could hide who they really were in a big town but the way Melissa wrote it was good, she made her vampires some of the richest and most powerful members of society which in that case they really could do whatever the h*ll they wanted to do without anyone really noticing( poor people only pay attention to what rich people are doing when they are doing a job for them and have to get paid from them, otherwise no middle class or poor person can really afford to pay any attention to what the rich are doing).  The whole vampires are fallen angels thing was pretty unique when you think about it and it seems to me like they were only doing such good things for New York so that they can get back into heaven which if I was a fallen angel I would try to get back on Gods good side(if you know what I mean). It was a little confusing at first with the three person point of view/narration but eventually I did catch on and really began to get into the story. I love the visual references about New York's surroundings(especially because I have never been there before) they really made me feel like I was there in the story, at the parties or really in the nightclubs! Bliss(one the three main female characters) could have been a bit more stronger, she was such a follower and pretty much just went along with whatever Mimi said or did. Especially because she was the IT girl at her old school in Texas, so she should of had more of a mind of her own. Mimi could had been a little bit more realistic. The whole blond -pretty-girl-gets -everything -that- she -wants- all- the- time is a little old and realistically that wouldn't happen(they would have at least  had one moment of that not happening or a moment where they too would fall or something that they didn't like would happen to them just to show that they are 3 -dimensional). Schuyler was... predictable but likable( I really can't think of a complaint for her). I didn't care to much for Jack because he didn't stand with Schuyler and to me that makes him a wimp! If he really loves her than I thought he should stand with her no matter what! Oliver is  a very good friend for forgiving her for turning her back on him for some random,rich, cute boy who barely even notices her(Schuyler)! And I really felt sorry for Dylan because it seemed like all he really wanted was to be with the girl that he couldn't have(Bliss) and every time they got together something or someone would get in the middle, that was terrible for them any way! But overall I would give this book on a scale of 1-10(1 is the worst and 10 is the best) a 7. Characters a 6, setting/backdrop a 11 and just the experience and the joy of reading this a 9. And yes I would be reading the next book and I would love to reread this one!

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