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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vampire Academy#1 by Richelle Mead book review

 I am going to start off by saying that at first I did not like this book but towards the end I was totally hooked!  The two main characters(Lissa & Rose) seemed very self-centered and preoccupied by non important things is the reason that I did not like it in the begging. But the way the story flows dose take some time to jump into especially if you are not currently a high school aged kid but once you settle into it's definitely a good ride. It was so good that I immediately after reading the first one went right into reading the second installment and the only other series that I could not put down like that was the twilight series!  With all my likes with this book it was hard to find a dislike but here it is: the school, I did not find there security around the school very convincing because through out the whole book people could easy go to and get into places that they should not be so if this a well hidden private school with lots of security around then she(Richelle Mead) did not make that fact very believable to me. The two main characters lack of interest in important things. I know that they are teenage girls that live in a dangerous world where things like strigoi(the bad vampires) could just grab them at any moment and do horrible things to them but Mead had them focus on stupid things through out the world book. Things like: boys, who is spreading rumors about them, clothes, and what some random mean girl(Mia) is saying about them. I was thinking that if the strigoi could attack them at any moment then they should be concentrating on that and not the stupid that they probably wont live to see if the bad vamps get to them first . Rose(main character) was annoying only because she seemed to have a lot of responsibility but she just kept getting caught up into different unimportant things but other than those things that I disliked I loved!!!!!!! this book!

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