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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wicked Woods(#1) by Kailin Gow book review

 Wow This was a really good book even though I didn't expect it to be(given that until this book cover caught my eye I was completely unaware of Kailin Gow's work) *stupid me I know* but this was a very good read and I actually found  most of the characters very refreshing! Especially the MC(main character). The-whole-she-was-the-queen-bee-at-her-school- thing and now she's just mellow thing was a surprise that showed how 2 dimensional she is as character. And what a name! Briony. Doesn't that just rolls off of the tongue! And wow how creepy was the name of the town. Wicked Woods ,MA . Gow just knew what she was doing by picking that town, so creepy that before the story even began or before you even read any review or pieces of the story that you just knew something creepy was going to be going on here. Hmm... the two supporting friends Maisey and Steve could have kept me more entertained though and Claire and Tracey was a bit flat, Pepper who has a name like that? But those are all minor details that since those characters didn't make to much of an appearance in the story didn't really seem to bother me that much.
They made you wonder but not too.  Come to think of it Gow could have done more with the characters of Kevin and Fallon and when I found out that F was a vampire I thought this was going to turn into a Twilight sort of thing but just with a younger version of Bella that is a slayer which would had been a-ok in my book!  Hmm what else should I mention? *thinking* O h yes I love how Gow left the ending all good cliff hangerish. And I say good cliff hanger because I have read some books that left you with bad cliff hangers that made you want to go find the author and punch them in the face. *getting mad just thinking about it*.
Now since I liked this book so much and possibly can't think of anything else to ramble about then here it comes my personal rating system! *yea!* *throwing confetti right now*  For the characters I'm going to give a 6 out of 10 , why? Because even though the side characters weren't that interesting Gow focused her attention on the main characters(ones that made more than maybe a sometime appearance) and I think that's what really matters. The plot a 9 out of 10, why? Because the whole MC becoming a slayer thing was cool and unexpected. the setting/scenery a 10( wow no one has received that from me before!), why? Because the description of the different scenes and just the name of the town alone creep the sh*t out of me. And finally the overall experience a 9. And oh yes I will be reading what's next to come and any other Kailin Gow stuff I can get my ands on! Kailin Gow if you every read this you just made yourself another fan!

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