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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blood Promise(vampire academy 4) by Richelle Mead Book review

 As I have said before and will say again I love this series and am quickly becoming a Richelle Mead fan(though I haven't read anything else that she has written but if her other series are as interesting as this one then yes call me a fan!) With my love of this series out of the way I am going to go on saying that this one was a slow read but still interesting but still very slow. This book follows the after math of the attack on the school and Rose(MC=main character) losing the love of her life (Dimitri) to the world of the strigoi(the bad vampires) and I have to say that this is a slow ,slow read. It starts off with her in Russia and the slowness just continues from there! This story took long to get to the point(which is her finding Dimitri and killing him because he has now become a strigoi and she promised to do so in the third installment of this book) but the story kind of went on and on and on before getting to the really juicy parts( her finding and killing D, the whole if she can do it part, what(besides a strigoi) would he look like to her in her eyes now that he has know the the great build up! And then when this great build up comes it to me was quick and rushed. Mead waisted a lot of time with scenery and different cultures and a whole lot of other stuff that could have been cut down so that the big meeting between Rose and Dimitri could have been more magical, more suspenseful! I mean the scene plays out like this: she stops to help this old lady, the old lady's face gives away that there is something scary behind her(Rose), Rose turns around and then bam! There's Dimitri, the guy that she has been all over the place looking for and then bam there he was right on the side walk, standing right before her eyes and of course she can't even think clear enough to get off her a** and start fighting him because she was in too much shock that there he was all casual and cool , standing there on a busy city side walk. When that happened I was like wow Mead I love you but you could have done better with that! I was thinking that given D's nature that he would had been held up in some cabin somewhere away from people because of the  monster that he had now become and wouldn't had turned into some kind strigoi gangster complete with a gang boss(Galina). Seriously where did that even come from! It was like bam, hi Rose I used to be good and kind and the type of person that wouldn't work for any one else but now I'm some kind of strigoi gangster oh and by the way your about to join me!  But on to other things, Lissa is a b*tch for not going with her best friend(the scene that I am talking about is in the third book but still....) the entire time she just tried to pretend that Rose didn't exist  and that she was the selfish one when the whole time I was thinking that Lissa was selfish for not understanding why Rose needed to run off and go kill D. I was like for God's sake the girl ust lost the only man that hse has loved and sleeped with she needs closure stop thinking about yourself and who's going to protect you and be there to help you with your b*llshit! I was mad that Mia only got one(sorry two) part(s) in this book and some nody that was only in book three for like 15 minutes(Jill) had more say in this book.Rose herself has grown in this book and I like a character that continues to grow as the series goes on. Christian has grown too and I like that, he is not so ....b*tchy anymore now that he is teaching other good vamps to fight with there powers so I guess he just needed an outlet to express his rage sort of, kind of ? So to wrap it up for overall book experience I would give this one a 5. Characters a 5 and a half. Scenery/setting a 10(the way she discribed Russia was beautiful) and would I read this again, I give that a hell yeah. Would I read the what's next in the series , I give that a double hell yeah, in fact I just bought prt 5 & 6 and can't wait to get started!

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