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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fins Are Forever(Forgive My Fins#2) by Terra Lynn Childs book review

This story is the continence of Lilly Sanders adventures on land dealing with a new boyfriend and if you had read Forgive My Finns turned out to be her annoying but obsessed next door neighbor, regular high school life, Merfolk life, a under water kingdom waiting for at the end of her sixteenth birthday and now having her bratty cousin hanging around. I f you think my synapses is short then that is because there really isn't too much to tell about this story. (So to be so harsh). Now I know what your thinking if I read the first installment of this story and didn't like it then why the h#ll did I read the second installment?

Well I believe in giving authors another chance to redeem themselves. I mean really come on aren't we all human? Haven't we all had an idea that we were sure at the time was the best idea that was ever invented only to find out that not only has someone already either attempted this idea or has succeeded at it and when I say succeeded at I mean created something that was a thousand times better than the sh#t that you came up with? I mean really how many mermaid books are out there on the YA market ? No really how many? Just asking because while there are a lot to explore Mermaids books are still behind werewolf, vampire and faerie books so being that as it may why would Childs take something that has such potential and turn it into something so completely boring! Being a fly on the wall of Lilly Sanderson's life is like being a fly on the wall of your Grandparent's life and not some of those really activate Grandparent's but those go to bed at like 6 pm, bingo playing, stamp collecting Grandparents.

Too harsh? Well if you think so then let me quickly some up how the story actually went down. Ahem. * clears throat * Okay Lilly is sitting in class swooning over Quence instead of paying attention to the teacher, a mysterious earthquake happening and everyone is scared and then nothing. Her cousin mysteriously shows up on land on her her door step looking for a place to live with little to no explanation and then nothing. Lilly is upset because she has to show her cousin around and teach her how to do things on land and then nothing.

Duo meets Brody starts falling head over heels for him while Lilly gets mad for whatever reason (I thought it was some small torch that she still carried for Brody only because that's the way Childs made it seem) that the two of them are spending more and more time together and then nothing. Duo kisses Brody and bonds with him after Lilly warned her not to make that happen(Which I don't know why because as far as I see it Duo is a big girl that can take care of her self) , Duo soon after starts making treats to steal Quence away from Lilly and then nothing.

Lilly has to now bring Brody back home to get a separation for Duo seeing is how Duo is exiled from the ocean and can't go and do this her self and along the way Lilly runs into a childhood friend who is having problems with his kingdom and then forms a plan to have Lilly bond with him to save his kingdom(like she's the magic cure to his problems) and then more nothing. Oh yeah Lilly and Quence also have a break and then get back together again in the process. The end. Now you see, completely not worth my time. But before I get to my personal rating system I just have one question that I forgot to during the review of the first installment. If the Merfolk live in little kingdoms that is disguised as coral reefs than wouldn't they have to shrink down actual cor size in order to live in them? I mean if these coral houses are human sized wouldn't they have been discovered? I don't know that's just my hypothetical question. Okay my personal ratings. As for the scenery I'll give a 3 out of 10 stars. The plot a 2 out of 10 stars. The characters 4 out of 10. The cover art a 3 out of 10. And the overall experience a 3 out of 10. Will I read another installment of this novel? Yes only to see if Childs has the ability to save this sinking ship.

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