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Friday, June 8, 2012

Shimmer(Wicked Woods#2) -by. Kalin Gow book review

<p>Shimmer is the part two to the spine tingling 1st book Wicked Woods by Kalin Gow.And the story immediately picks. Up right where the last one left off with alot of the same characters which is something I did like about the story, However there was alot of things that I didn't,1. The story was a slow starter. Meaning to say that the main parts didn't really pick up until the middle of the book . 2. The love triangle thing between Kevin &amp;amp; Fallen &amp;amp; Briony in my opinion is just unnecessary. The story could do better without that element because the love that Briony(MC) feels for either boy doesn't seem genuine. It comes across like lust more than real love so cut that out of the story and it would be fine. 3. The setting some how the setting lost its creep appeal from book 1 to book 2. The town of Wicked seemed less spooky and more hugs and kisses. *making a disappointed face right now*.&nbsp; And the whole werewolves and vampires have a war thing is a little played to death. Now that the dislikes are done onto the like. *whipping sweat from forehead* .  I liked how the story flowed from book 1 to book 2, I liked the energy that the MC kept up through out the story as it was the same amount of energy that she had in the 1st book. The supporting characters were good without being too over baring. *big announcer voice*  "ladies and gentlemen,  boys and girls of all ages it's time for my own personal rating!" * woo! Yeah* . For the setting i'll give a 5 because it didn't have the same affect on me as it did in the 1st book. The characters a 5 because I really love the MC(main character) , plot a 6 because even though its been done before it was still kinda interesting to get into.  And the overall experience a 4 because I would not read this particular book but would continue to read more to come in this series.

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